Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music education 101

Got some more great tunes to check out. Been listening to the leak of the new Deftones and it is really good. Well produced and, according to the interviews, recorded live without the aid of computers. Check out one of my favorite songs.

Was going over some of my work from 2008 and came across Terrenaissance. They are this amazing all acoustic band from Trinidad. Check them out at Red Earth in 2008

One of my favorite songs by Orange Sky is Beautiful day. May use this song in my wedding stuff. I think its Indra's fav too!

Oh and Kes was in the studio this week and Stalker has been in constant play on my itunes. And the video is mad. I think the song was produced by Precision Productions, which is Kasey Phillips and them. Great song!

Oh and yeah with all the wedding planning I rediscovered my love for Journey. Steve Perry for the win!!

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