Tuesday, November 30, 2010


New look up with some new tracks as well. We will be making some changes very soon and probably a pretty big announcement in the very near future. In the meanwhile check out the site and take a listen to some of the work.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So my band is finishing up the album. Now it has a title. Friend.Foe.You is the debut album by the band CheckList. Its a rock album with a gospel soul. Lots of honest performances and moving away from the conventional wisdom of "what do people listen to?" Hoping it can be mastered by Martin "Mice" Raymond as I think he'll give it the treatment it deserves. Will be posting further updates so keep checking back!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blown up MOTU!!!

Well yeah so one of the reasons I have not been around is my Audio Interface (the brain of my studio) has passed on. I was doing a routine clean up of the studio about 3 weeks ago and decided "Hey lets see if my Liquid Mix will work again" So I daisy chained it to my MOTU 192HD via firewire and lo and behold that was the end. Well not really the end, I spent a week trouble shooting and re-installing everything and eventually diagnosed the problem to a blown circuit board.

Yeah so guess what this jackass had to do. I took my hard earned money that I was saving up to buy a new Macbook pro and spent it on a new PreSonus Fire Tube seen below

Got a good discount thanks to Marc Thavenot but still I no closer to my Macbook pro. :(

Well okay enough sadness, time for some music. I had my interview at UTT with Mice and another guy who I can't remember his name although I know he did lighting for Fall Out Boy and Paul McCartney. The interview went well, I had to present a couple pieces as part of my portfolio and an audition piece. We were given a 16 track raw files from the Sessions of "Whats going on?" the Marvin Gaye song. Unfortunately I was given it on a Thursday afternoon and had a gig that night and had my interview on Friday afternoon. So I only got 2-3 hours to mix the track. Check it out here and maybe let me know what you guys think.

Download it here


Well thats about it just some arbitrary work and Oh I'm actually doing my 1st album with my band CheckList. I think it's coming out pretty awesome. The guys in the band are amazing musicians and I think this album will be some of the more interesting rock related works to come out of Trinidad in a while.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Married life and Back to work

Been pretty absent from this blog. All 10 of you who may happen to read it. lol

Well I got married a week and a half ago after a 12 year relationship. Don't wanna get all corny but she is the love of my life and being married to her really makes all my dreams come true.

The studio is busy as fuck since I came back from my St. Lucian honeymoon. Got new corporate work from an Agency, Doing post audio and mixing on a local film, gotta finish up mixing the Skid Nevely album and apparently gotta mix at least the 6 tracks that were recorded at Random from Nigel Ferriera. Wow and thats just this week. The RDS project still has to finish as well as CheckList's album. A new Anti-Everything album is in the works as well as a new Incert Coin album is writing. Supposed to be doing all of this over the "Summer" as well as a couple of tracks by some Canadian named Steve Night.

Man and we gotta finish the website, upgrade the work station and update a buncha software, plus i gotta take my Logic 9 exams before the end of the month.

Its better to be busy than be dead.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Work, Work, Work!!


Studio real busy these days. We are 99% done on the Skid Nevely and more than half way done on "Sonic Revival Project" (Brothers Grimm). We are also about 99% done on the RDS compilation so we gonna release that real soon too. What else....

Oh ho, we did some Elections tracks with Anti-Everything which are sounding pretty awesome. Mixes on those should be done soon. Doing some UNC stuff with Ross Advertising.. Yeah the people who involved with the whole controversy with Obama people. Check the papers and learn more!

Doing some other stuff with our old agency friends minus Indra, which kinda sucks but we'll get by. So yeah busy.

Oh and we are putting up a cutting edge website soon so look out for it!!!